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Code this good doesn't grow on trees.

Strong Roots

For a business to grow strong, it needs a solid foundation. Whether it's a mobile app to expand into new areas or tie backend systems together, loop/recur has the expertise to do it all. We focus on planting and generating the fresh ideas that will immediately impact your business.

Supercharge Your Developers

We work with your existing team to bring your company's ideas to life. We've built a lot of software and deeply understand important concepts from architecture and best practices to design and interaction to testing and deployment.


Front Ends, Back Ends, Development & Design.

We've done this before. Companies large and small have trusted loop/recur to build extremely important software for them. Front end, back end, design, deployment and scaling, we've done it all.

The Main Languages We Use: Javascript, haskell, clojure, html/css

The Main Frameworks We Use: Node/Express, Snap, SASS/Less/Stylus

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We're a Bay Area company with outposts in Minnesota and Amsterdam. Programming and development are more than jobs to us, and this translates to the success of our projects. Get in contact and we'll get back to you asap.